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The path to healing begins with trust.

Founded and led by Debra Jones.

Parent Intervention & Training provides a clear path to lasting behavioral transformation and deep healing for parents who are overwhelmed and exhausted by the complex needs of their children.

We specialize in training parents of children who’ve experienced risk factors such as neglect, abandonment, abuse, trauma, or substances in utero.

We offer a variety of services specializing in helping parents of foster, adoptive, and at-risk children.  

We have some very skilled and caring specialists on our team who love to help.

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A blog for adoptive and foster parents.

$11.95 + Shipping and Handling

$11.95 + Shipping and Handling

Through a journey of joys, tears, struggle and hopelessness, Debra Delulio Jones found herself shaking her fist in the air and screaming, "God, are You nice or mean?"

Her adopted son didn't know how to trust in the love of his parents due to his early abandonment and attachment issues. In his confusion he would ask, "Mommy, are you nice or mean?" As Debra learned ways to connect to her son, she realized a twenty year course in clinging to God paralleled her parenting journey.

She came to understand that her doubts about God were rooted in fear and pain, just like her son's maladaptive behaviors.

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