A New Angle in 2017 by Debra Delulio Jones

Sooooo! Happy Valentine's Day to my Favorite Peeps!

Peeps that share my DNA. Peeps that were adopted into my world. Peeps that learned with me at WHHS - well, most of us learned somethin'.... Peeps who wore big earrings and drove pink cars. Peeps who taught lil's and bigs. Peeps who help and love kiddos who have been harmed. Peeps who worship and pray with us. Peeps who helped and still help our kids. We love ya. Truly! Grateful for ya!

V'Day brought a lot of reflection for me.

Love. In love. Loving others. Letting others love you. Love that sometimes hurts. Love that seems absent. Love never fully attained. A love you "Hubba Hubba" loooong for! LOL! AND Love in a Special Needs Body with a Childlike Mind. Ouch.... In case you're wondering, Alan and I do not want to write the book entitled, "Brain Injury and Sex Ed," so somebody better hit the keyboard fast!!! 

Reflecting on love and my loves.... And as I reflect, the last insane year came to mind:

2016 - the year from H. E. DOUBLE Pick-Up-Sticks!!! The year I bought my favorite T-shirt just for Monster Sue's benefit, "I Love Jesus, But I Cuss a Little" is the shirt I wear unashamedly!

2017 - Fresh start. Great relationships forming. New Beginnings in our Parent Intervention & Training business. REST. Recovery. Reconciliation!

I worked hard to catch my breath from nearly missing my plane yesterday to our first "paid work" in months (a downstairs brain moment TO BE SURE for those who know this adrenaline-laden surge in your being) The heart pounds while they hold the plane for you as you chunk your walker and "Missed Bag-Check Time," FAT, carryon to the attendant; then you not-so-quickly make your way thru First Class apologizing to those seated that you might indeed fall on them while your service dog has to follow you down the skinny-ass aisle.

Disability is not the fragrance I would have chosen to embrace, let's just say! Not in my life, not in my special needs son's life. Too hard, and we like easy. "Easy Peasey" to quote my sweet friend, we call Miss Boo! I was the chick in high school that said I had and always wanted an easy testimony. None of that suffering stuff for me. I was havin' fun!

Punctuality is my name, yet these days I find myself always behind.

Everything takes longer now. Not a complaint, necessarily, just a reality as it takes two of us to get me ready most days. For those who may not know, I have an enemy named Monster Sue. Her other name is Multiple Sclerosis. Anyway, Sue has taken me down several times in a big way over the last 28 years, but on my Mom's birthday, Dec 4th, 2016, the day of this picture... she got really ugly and I've been working to kick her SIX back into remission for 10 weeks! Longer than it has ever taken.

I wasn't late for the plane, but lots of airport and airline mistakes "helped us" become late. 

My plan, since I was late, was to read over the notes I'd taken from my client's initial phone consult so I'd be well-prepped to meet this family. Like know their name and stuff. Little things. LOL

Instead, I decided to eat the NON GF cookie and write out my Christmas cards that somehow never got sent. (And yes, my tree is still up!) I'd purchased a bunch of Valentine stickers 'cuz my fam is cute and some of my peeps were probably wondering why they didn't hear from me, so dual holiday greeting cards were born!

I wanted to take a picture of one of my custom Christmas/V'Day designs, but from my little office I'd created in my lap on the plane, the glare was not letting me take a pic of my pic. I finally turned it at an angle and lowered an AA window and snapped this shot. Hoping I can figure out how to post it since I haven't written a blog in over a year and this is the first on this website. Hello Again. It's Me. (insert Neil Diamond song from Jazz Singer)

Then, his thought. Hmmm. Sometimes ya just need a new angle. This last year has taught me a LOT. A lot I wouldn't have seen, felt, sensed deeply if I hadn't landed on my SIX. Not that I'm giving Monster Sue any excuses for her Sorry Self, but that whole suffering thingy can be a teacher. Well, yes. It can.

I needed a new angle on quite a few things, apparently. So 2017, we are doing some things differently.

I'm choosing to take a new angle. I'm looking at things in a new light. We're making adjustments to accommodate Sue until she can fully find that exit door that we call MS remission.

And we, The ManByMySide'TiliDie and I, we are now Yogis. We love our adaptive yoga class at MindSet. We ARE serious about self-care. We really have no choice. So those who get me for a parent trainer, you will hear a lot about self-care. It's the only way to sustain a hard parenting journey. 

One of our new angles: We are also throwing parties for a living! Don't get me wrong. We are working hard, will work hard, and so will those who come if they want things to change in their relationships with their children. A Parenting Practice Party (PPP) was born in 2017! Playful engagement at it's best for the parents on hard journeys. 

We so hope you'll join us! Check it out on our Events page and you can Register for our next one, March 3/4 in BEAUTIFUL Colorado Springs, overlooking Pikes Peak! Great View, Amazing Food, Eat Too Much, Fun Stuff, Lots to Learn, Some Laughs, Maybe a Tear, and most importantly, Parents who understand your journey.


Blessings and enjoy your V'Day!


P.S. That crap about RED dye #40 and sugar not affecting behavioral escalation. Naw!!! Better call Gma after school today if you want to stay a nice person!

P.S.S This pic should be at the top and should not be ginormous, but I have to get in the tub! Next self-teach on Squarespace....