Can you say Ashley whisperer?

Let me just say that today has been one of the most wonderful days in a very long time with Ashley. Debbie, you have no idea (or I should say you have every idea) what this means to us. This has given us a whole new perspective on our approach, and has given Ashley the structure that she must crave. She is really doing everything that we set up yesterday on the goals chart, and says that it feels really good to be doing it.
I'm all for the Playful Engagement. It really changed my way of thinking about my approach with her. She and I have laughed so much today, and through laughter, she got to see what it was like for me to get frustrated with a hole-punch and go into the yellow zone.
We're really so grateful for your help and I know that you were put on our path just when we needed you the most. I've never seen Ashley open up like she did yesterday. I was so proud of her because she was able to talk about some really serious stuff and stick with us through it. We've seen so many different people for advice and have never accomplished so much in one day as we did with your help. A true gift.

Amy H.