A child who has experienced neglect, abandonment, abuse or other early traumas has complex needs and often exhibits maladaptive behaviors that require a unique approach to parenting.

Debra and her experienced team of Parent Trainers offer a unique and individualized approach to applying the principals of Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®), a model developed by Drs. Karyn Purvis and David Cross at TCU's Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development, ( formerly known as the Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University). Parents who were once overwhelmed or even losing hope have found that gaining competence and embracing this parenting model results in improved behavior, attachment, language processing, and social skills in their children. 

Debra offers several different levels of in-home training from phone consultations to in-home, hands on training.


Phone Consultations

Yes, we’re here for you. 

Parents may schedule a phone consultation regarding any questions they encounter about using the TBRI® model and to receive guidance regarding specific situations or behaviors with which they need additional help. Some have found that a period of weekly or monthly consults helps them to work through parenting challenges and stay accountable to the core principals of TBRI®.


Parent Consulting & Hands-On Coaching

Yes, we make house calls! 

One of our highly skilled Parent Trainers will train in the client’s home on the philosophy and practical application of TBRI® principles. This could range from 3 – 20 hours of service, including a review of any diagnostic and educational information from the child's doctors, therapists and/or school professionals. Following a parent interview, some time for observation of the child interacting with the parents in their home provides the Parent Trainer with a baseline of information from which to begin the training. Parents are taught through modeling and demonstration, allowing time for practice and increased parent confidence in applying the TBRI® Connecting, Empowering, and Correcting principles. Our trainers are located in Fort Worth, TX, East TX, and Canton, OH.


In-home Intensive Intervention

And Yes, we will fly or drive to you! 

Some families need more than you can learn from a workshop, website, DVD, or book to stop the constant rage, meltdowns, and behavioral dysregulation in the home. This is an individualized and problem solving intervention involving 20-25 hours of in-home parent training, goal setting, practical application, and modeling by a highly experienced Parent Trainer. A significant amount of time will be spent on teaching the parents how to recognize low levels of dysregulation and meet the needs of the child while he or she is in a primal survival state of fight, flight, or freeze. Parents are taught how to soothe the distress rather than escalate the behaviors with forceful or ineffective parenting techniques. Heavy emphasis will be on training the parent to provide a balance of structure and nurture to ensure that the child experiences “felt safety” on a regular and consistent basis to bring about behavioral transformation which results from deep levels of healing when TBRI® is fully embraced.

But No, we can’t come live with you….